Unique legal platform specialized in litigation financing


The art of hitting without getting hit

What sets us apart?

Own capital available for immediate investment

Global reach

We purchase and fund lawsuits throughout the world

We share your risks

We monetise your lawsuits in advance
in lawsuits analysed
Procurator Litigation Advisors

We provide added value in litigation

An expert team in procedural law and the financial industry, providing precise judgement based on analysis and years of experience designing successful procedural law strategies.


With the interests of our clients

Cooperation and alignment with litigants when fighting for and defending their interests in lawsuits, forming part of their team.​


Adapting to needs

Capital immediately available for funding/acquiring litigation and arbitration proceedings anywhere in the world with Spanish connections. We optimise processes with our comprehensive approach. ​

Procurator Litigation Advisors
Comprehensive, specialised and unique platform

We can help companies by acquiring and/or funding their litigation to maximise the value and profitability of their assets and improve their cash flow.

Procurator Litigation Advisors, Asesores de Litigios en Madrid

We fund and/or acquire lawsuits that offer opportunities for success, once we have assessed the risks and potential rewards of each case, coordinating the best resources to satisfy our clients’ interests.​

Procurator Litigation Advisors, Asesores de Litigios en Madrid
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The best way to achieve your aims
What do we offer?

Our commitment means we share the risk.

We enable litigants to access a new source of funding to deal with and maximise the value of their lawsuits, while helping law firms to generate new cases and respond to their clients’ needs.

We assess

the chance of success in lawsuits

We help

our clients to have the best resources required to cover the costs of their lawsuits and see them through to completion​

We offer

advances to monetise the outcome before the case is settled

We fund

complex, high-value lawsuits on different matters and at their various stages

What makes us different?


Our expert team of professionals with in-depth knowledge of the procedural law system.


A discipline which encompassing organisation, planning, motivation and the control of resources through the latest technology.


Business professionals with the ability to fund, diagnose and execute projects.


Our own ability to fund and acquire complex litigation assets.

Our aim is to have well advised, informed and involved clients

Do you need the best Litigating Lawyer Madrid for your business in Spain? Our Litigating Lawyer has a unique blend of experience and skill, which is why can easily deal with the toughest types of litigation to attain your goals.

Our Litigating Lawyer in Spain represents publicly held companies, privately held entities along with the individuals to meet their broad range of commercial litigation matters. Our Lawyer Madrid team is highly skilled and efficient in conducting the strategic and tactical preparations that can make a case in your favor. Don’t worry about the fees you are required to pay as our Litigation Advisors first perform a case study to identify the case’s strengths and weaknesses and determine the most effective solutions to attain a favorable resolution, including, whether or not litigation settlement is advisable.

We are proud to have the best Litigation Advisors understand our clients’ businesses and know, how to prioritize litigation within the overall scope of their business operations. We are a Spain-based law firm, work to meet the needs of each individual case, even if the litigation case is too complex. To make you win, our Lawyer Madrid leverages the latest litigation support technology to reduce client costs and improve efficiency. Our experienced procurator team is known for trial preparation – supports us to represent the cases with great confidence and obtain more favorable settlements on behalf of our clients. As our litigating lawyer Madrid has extensive experience handling a wide range of business disputes, you can rest assured that your case will surely be handled carefully to win.

No other procurator in Madrid can beat our lawyer Madrid team, which is particularly skilled in corporate and securities matters. You just name what you want as several of our litigating advisors are former prosecutors with a great reputation in white-collar criminal proceedings, and can help you with any kind of Litigation. Additionally, our lawyer Madrid is known for the best court representation and negotiation, and at the same time provides a client-focused practice tailored to each client’s specific needs and interests. At Pla-Spain, our lawyer values every business in Spain and understands that your case is unique. Therefore, you can expect them in every step of your way. Don’t Waste Another Minute! Contact our experienced and talented lawyers, today!