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The art of hitting without getting hit

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Procurator Litigation Advisors, Asesores de Litigios en Madrid

Own capital available for immediate investment

What sets us apart? Procurator Litigation Advisors, Asesores de Litigios en Madrid Pla Litigation Funding
Procurator Litigation Advisors, Asesores de Litigios en Madrid

We acquire and fund claims and arbitrations throughout the world

Overall approach Procurator Litigation Advisors, Asesores de Litigios en Madrid Pla Litigation Funding
Procurator Litigation Advisors, Asesores de Litigios en Madrid

We monetise your claims in advance

We share your risks Procurator Litigation Advisors, Asesores de Litigios en Madrid Pla Litigation Funding
30 Bn
in lawsuits analysed
250 Financing
acquisition applications

Mission, Vision and Values


PLA’s mission is to help companies optimize the value of their litigation assets and successfully resolve their complex disputes, to help establish the practice of litigation and arbitration funding in the Iberian market, and to achieve a good return for its institutional investors.


PLA’s vision is to be the international firm of reference in the funding of complex litigation and arbitration in Spain or with Spanish or Portuguese connections, as well as in the provision of comprehensive advisory services related to complex dispute resolution and litigation asset management.


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PLA Litigation Funding
Comprehensive, specialised and unique platform

We can help companies by acquiring and/or funding their litigation to maximise the value and profitability of their assets and improve their cash flow.

Procurator Litigation Advisors, Asesores de Litigios en Madrid

Through our litigation fund and associated investment vehicles, we finance complex litigation and acquire claims when opportunities for success are identified. We assess the strengths and risks of each case, coordinating the best resources to achieve our clients’ interests.

Procurator Litigation Advisors, Asesores de Litigios en Madrid

We help eliminate costs and spread risk, turning litigation into a source of revenue and monetizing all or part of the claims regardless of their outcome.

PLA Litigation Funding


We provide added value in litigation

A team of experts in litigation and arbitration and in the financial sector with extensive experience in litigation investment, in the design of successful litigation strategies and in the valuation of litigation assets.


With the interests of our clients

Cooperation and alignment with litigants when fighting for and defending their interests in lawsuits, forming part of their team.​


Adapting to needs

Capital immediately available to fund or acquire litigation and arbitration proceedings anywhere in the world. Our local team and our operational structure allow us to efficiently optimize processes and make agile decisions.

How do we do it?

The best way to achieve your aims

Our commitment means we share the risk.

We enable litigants to access litigation funding, a non-recourse source of financing to address and maximize the value of their litigation and arbitration claims. We help law firms generate new, high value-added matters and respond to their clients’ needs.

know us
We assess

the prospects of success of disputes in an accurate and objective manner. We value disputes economically and issue fairness opinions for negotiation or accounting purposes.

We help

our clients to obtain the best resources to face their litigations and arbitrations, covering their costs in any of their different stages, in exchange for a share of the proceeds only if the claims are successful.

We offer

advances to monetise the outcome before the case is settled

We fund

complex, high-value lawsuits on different matters and at their various stages

What makes us different?


Our litigation funding platform focuses on adding value to litigation and arbitration proceedings around the world.


We have adapted third party funding to the peculiarities of our system. We know the idiosyncrasies and needs of Spanish and Portuguese companies and how we can help them. Language and culture give us a huge competitive advantage to become the main ally of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American clients.


We approach matters with a flexible and creative mindset. Our goal is to satisfy our clients’ needs, for which we imagine and create tailor-made solutions.


We are not brokers. Our litigation funds and investment vehicles have their own capital immediately available to finance arbitration and court proceedings.

Our aim is to have well advised, informed and involved clients
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