Acquisition of judgments and awards


Experience shows there is a real possibility that judgments or awards may subsequently be revoked or annulled. Even with final judgments or awards, in the realm of complex litigation, it’s common for losing parties to resist voluntarily paying the amounts due. In these situations, we can help you.

What We Do

We acquire litigation claims and credits derived from judgments or arbitral awards, at any stage of the judicial or arbitration proceedings. Thus, we offer our clients the opportunity to receive a certain price today in exchange for an uncertain future collection expectation, shifting all the risks and potential benefits of the claim to the funder.

Added Value Provided
  • Obtaining liquidity from the sale of the credit or claim.
  • Elimination of all future costs of the legal or arbitral proceedings.
  • Reduction of the exposure to the risk of an unfavourable outcome.
  • Assurance of partial collection of the claimed amounts, regardless of the dispute's outcome.
  • Control over the timing factor.
  • Opportunity to register an income in the company’s accounts.
  • Reduction of the workload for internal legal teams and the impact of arbitration proceedings on the organisation.
  • Maintenance of commercial relations with the counterparty.
  • Creation of value for litigation assets in M&A transactions.

"We add value while respecting the independence of the client and his team".

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