Coverage for the risk of adverse costs


In most jurisdictions, the losing party in judicial or arbitration proceedings is ordered to pay the legal costs of the case. These costs can be significant, sometimes even exceeding legal fees and costs. This risk of adverse costs acts as a deterrent, preventing many claims with merit from being filed because claimants are unwilling to assume this risk.

What We Do

We mitigate the risk of potential adverse costs orders in legal proceedings or arbitrations, either by directly assuming this risk, or by covering the cost of the premium of an adverse costs insurance (ATE).

Added Value Provided
  • Possibility of taking legal action that otherwise wouldn’t be taken because of the high risk of potential adverse costs orders.
  • Client protection against the economic risks resulting from an unfavorable outcome.
  • Advice to the client in negotiating and concluding adverse costs insurance policies.
  • Possibility to combine the coverage of adverse costs risk with other funding or monetisation solutions.

"We add value while respecting the independence of the client and his team".

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