Asset tracing and enforcement


Regrettably, obtaining a final judgment or arbitral award is not the end of the road. In the field of complex international litigation, it’s common for losing parties to resist voluntarily paying the amounts due, forcing claimants to incur high costs to locate enforceable assets in different countries and achieve the collection of the amounts ordered in the judgment or award.

What We Do

We finance the costs of asset tracing processes, and of legal enforcement proceedings, to facilitate the successful recovery of the amounts due.

Added Value Provided
  • Coverage of any necessary costs to locate enforceable assets of individuals, companies, and sovereign states.
  • Coverage of any costs of legal enforcement proceedings, including lawyers, barristers, experts, travel, translations, etc.
  • Non-recourse funding. PLA Litigation Funding only receives its return if the claimed amounts are recovered.
  • Enhanced value in the design of the strategy and in the development of the legal enforcement proceedings, helping to avoid manoeuvres that frustrate the collection.
  • Cooperation and alignment of interests between the company and the funder.
  • Facilitation of settlement agreements.
  • Reduction of the workload for internal legal teams and the impact of such procedures on the organisation.

"We add value while respecting the independence of the client and his team".

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