Funding of Legal Proceedings

We cover the costs associated with legal proceedings at every stage and instance, ensuring clients are not hindered by financial constraints and can effectively engage in legal actions.

Funding of Arbitrations

We take on the expenses correlated with the orchestration of commercial or investment arbitrations, covering annulment actions and the enforcement of arbitral awards, thus alleviating the financial burden on clients.

Claim Monetisation

We offer upfront payments, enabling businesses to unlock the financial value of their ongoing litigations or arbitrations ahead of their conclusion, and irrespective of the final outcomes.

Acquisition of Judgments and Awards

We purchase contentious credits and those emerging from legal judgments or arbitral awards, in any stage or jurisdiction, transforming uncertain future receivables into present-day liquidity.

Coverage for the Risk of Adverse Costs

We assume the risk of potential adverse cost judgements in legal or arbitration proceedings, or we finance the premium for cost insurance, mitigating financial exposure for clients.

Asset Tracing and Enforcement

We fund the expenditures associated with asset location processes and forced legal enforcement proceedings, facilitating the effective recovery of owed amounts.

Restructuring and Insolvency

We enhance the value of contentious assets in restructuring operations and insolvency proceedings and assist in instituting legal actions for the benefit of creditors. Our involvement ensures that legal actions are optimally utilised to maximise asset value.

Class Actions

We assist aggrieved parties in filing class or consolidated actions, ensuring their legal interests are defended without the limitation of financial constraints.

"We add value while respecting the independence of the client and his team".

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