Restructuring and insolvency


Restructuring and insolvency proceedings often represent complex situations, where the significant value of a company’s litigation assets can sometimes be overlooked.

What We Do

We help to file legal claims and to unlock assets in restructurings and insolvency proceedings, thereby enabling companies to take of complex legal actions and to maximise the value of the company’s litigation assets.

Added Value Provided
  • Creation of value for litigation assets in restructuring operations.
  • Creation of value for litigation assets in M&A transactions.
  • Obtention of liquidity from the sale of credits or the monetisation of claims.
  • Advance collections without waiting for the company’s liquidation or for the conclusion of the insolvency proceedings.
  • Capital obtained for the administrators to litigate for the benefit of creditors.
  • Conversion of lawyers’ success fees into fixed fees.

"We add value while respecting the independence of the client and his team".

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