Funding of arbitration


Arbitrations are often complex and expensive, with uncertain outcomes. Experience shows that many arbitrations with merit are not initiated due to the high costs and risks involved. Our clients might struggle financially to bear the high costs of arbitration proceedings, may be unwilling to assume certain risks, or might prefer to use resources more efficiently elsewhere.

What We Do

Through arbitration financing, PLA Litigation Funding cover the costs of the arbitration in exchange for a return (typically, a multiple of the invested amount or a percentage of the sums recovered), which is paid only if the arbitration proceedings conclude favorably.

Added Value Provided
  • Resources for pursuing commercial or investment arbitrations, domestic or international.
  • Coverage of costs of actions for annulment and enforcement of arbitral awards worldwide.
  • Coverage of all costs, including lawyers, experts, arbitrators’ fees, administrative expenses of arbitral courts, travel, translations, etc.
  • Non-recourse funding. PLA Litigation Funding only receives its return if the arbitration ends favourably, and the claimed amounts are recovered.
  • Allows clients to retain the law firms and experts of their choice.
  • Potential to recover as arbitration costs the return paid to the third-party funder.
  • Mitigation of the impact of economic downturn or recession on companies or legal departments budgets.
  • Enhanced value in strategy design and the development of the arbitration.
  • Cooperation and alignment of interests between the company and the funder.
  • Facilitation of settlement agreements.
  • Reduction of the workload for internal legal teams and the impact of arbitration proceedings on the organisation.
  • The company retains control of the arbitration proceedings.

"We add value while respecting the independence of the client and his team".

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