Litigation funding has its origins in common law jurisdictions. Litigation funders provide the capital required to pursue and complete court or arbitration proceedings on a non-recourse basis. In return, the funder receives a portion of the proceeds recovered, only if the litigant’s claims are upheld.​

PLA has adapted third party funding to the peculiarities of our legal system. We know the idiosyncrasies and needs of Spanish and Portuguese companies and how we can help them. Language and culture give us a huge competitive advantage to become the perfect ally of our clients.

Our goal is to help companies to minimize the actual and opportunity costs arising from legal claims. To do this, we have a team with extensive experience in litigation and arbitration funding, and in the management of litigation and arbitration proceedings in Spain and abroad with a tailor-made approach.


We combine creative and flexible solutions and adapt to our clients’ needs.

· Litigation and arbitration funding

We assume the risks and the payment of any costs related to litigation and arbitration proceedings, participating in return in the potential proceeds recovered.

· Acquisition of credit rights

We acquire litigious or contentious credit rights or the procedural position of the client in a broad sense.

· Monetization

We provide advance payments so that companies can monetise their litigation or arbitration potential outcomes before the conclusion of the proceedings, and regardless of their result.


Advantages of litigation funding

  • We monetize your litigation assets in advance regardless of the outcome, based on an appropriate allocation of risks.
  • We cover all litigation-related costs, assuming the risk of loss in the event of an unfavorable outcome.
  • We improve your company’s liquidity and the accounting impact of litigation, turning costs into an opportunity to generate revenue.
  • We ensure that our clients are represented and defended by the best professionals.

We help law firms:

  • To be more competitive.
  • To maximise your fees.
  • To reduce the credit and solvency risk of its clients.
  • To retain your customers.
  • To acquire new business opportunities.

"We bring added value while respecting the independence of the client and its team""

Ayudamos a Despachos de Abogados
Specialized platform

We provide local knowledge that set us apart as managing lawsuits and arbitration proceedings both in Spain and abroad.

Ayudamos a Despachos de Abogados
Comprehensive platform

We provide global solutions for the legal assets of both Spanish and foreign companies.

Ayudamos a Despachos de Abogados
Unique platform

The platform was set up as connection with investment banking with a team of lawyers with extensive financial and legal knowledge.

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