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  • Be more competitive.
  • Maximise their fees.
  • Reduce their client credit and solvency risks.
Ayudamos a Despachos de Abogados

"We provide added value, respecting the independence of the client and the client’s team"

Ayudamos a Despachos de Abogados

We provide local knowledge that sets us apart in managing lawsuits and arbitration proceedings, both in Spain and abroad.

Specialised platform
Ayudamos a Despachos de Abogados

We provide global solutions for the legal assets of both Spanish and foreign companies.

Comprehensive platform
Ayudamos a Despachos de Abogados

The platform was set up in connection with investment banking, with a team of lawyers with extensive financial and legal knowledge.

Unique platform

Are you considering Madrid based Litigation Lawyer? Pla-Spain is here 24/7 and take on the cases with a greater responsibility. Our procurator in Spain ensures working hard to win and never believes in excuses, but believes in delivering the best results.

We are the best Lawyer Madrid, emphasis to provide personal attention for your companies’ success. With us, get the guidance you need along with the inspired representation of your case. Our Lawyer Madrid team is experienced and has skills to resolve simple to complex cases and remains committed to finding the best solution, including trial, if necessary. Our Litigation attorneys are ready to help your company with Litigation Funding Options for great income and ROI. As there are few and more different options for legal funding, and if you would like to be a part of the same, Our Litigating Lawyer Madrid does it the best.

  • We have the most experienced and talented Litigating Lawyer team, serving entire Talk to our Litigation Advisors and get ready to enjoy services, including-
  • Quick cash will be provided by our lawyer Madrid, where most of our clients get their funding within 24 hours
  • We only win, when you win and this job is easy for us. If in any case, our client loses the case, they owe us NOTHING!
  • No upfront fees to be paid by our clients. You can pay our procurator later or once you win the case
  • Get quick financial advice from our Litigation Advisors can offer you investment advice to help you earn even more money on your settlement

Hire the best procurator as they work with a strong dedication to client advocacy and be there to handle clients’ most difficult and challenging Litigation law issues. Our Lawyer Madrid team is nationally recognized by clients for their abilities and effectiveness in litigation. When you’re all set to do battle in the courtroom, or at the negotiating table, our litigating lawyer Madrid will surely win the case or make the right deal for you. Our legal advisors are known for making the right decisions in the heat of battle and that is what we are known for in Madrid.

Contact our litigating advisors today, evaluating your case to explain the best options.

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