Exploring the Monetization of Arbitration Awards: Perspectives and Strategies in the Open Arbitration

On Wednesday 8 May, our CEO took part in the round table organised by A&O Sherman as part of the Arbitration Open to discuss the monetisation of arbitral awards.

We would like to thank A&O Sherman for inviting us to participate in such an interesting round table with such a qualified moderator as Antonio Vázquez Guillén and two other great experts
in the field: Jeff Sullivan and Peter Griffin.

The digital publication Confilegal reported on the roundtable and the main messages conveyed by the speakers.


Jesús Rodrigo´s main conclusions were as follows:

FIRST.– More and more companies are knocking on the door of litigation funds to monetise their arbitration awards. They are aware that the second leg of the game begins at enforcement.

SECOND, – We are facing a growing industry. In 2024 alone we have already analysed over €1.5 billion in potentially monetisable arbitral awards.

THIRD – We encourage the Iberian business community to energise its litigation assets. Their American, English and Australian peers are doing so, which generates greater resources for them to carry out their business strategies and to focus on their core business.

It is very satisfying to note that litigation funding activity in the field of arbitration is generating increasing interest.

Finally, we cannot forget the excellent work done by Javier Íscar and Sonia Hernando in the organisation of the Open de Arbitraje. This annual event has become a must in the legal community where we include litigation funds.

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