Our Team at the XVII Arbitration Congress in Lisbon

Jesús Rodrigo and Alipio Conde represented PLA Litigation Funding at the XVII Arbitration Congress, held in Lisbon from July 3 to 5. This congress covered a wide range of important topics, including:

  • Arbitration and new frontiers of technology: Exploring how technology is transforming the field of arbitration.
  • Class actions and third-party funding in arbitration: Discussing the impact and opportunities of litigation funding.
  • Standards of arbitrator disclosure: Analyzing recent cases like Halliburton and Abengoa.
  • Success stories in mediation: Presenting successful models and recent arbitration case law.

On the last day, notable sessions included “Class Actions, Third-Party Funding, and New Regulation: What impacts on arbitration?” and “Arbitration and New Frontiers of Technology.” These sessions provided deep insights into the opportunities in modern arbitration.

It was an excellent opportunity to learn and connect with other professionals in the field, keeping us updated on the latest trends and developments.

We have noticed that there are questions within the arbitration community about what information arbitrators should disclose regarding litigation funds that may be financing or monetizing the case. We will soon publish an article sharing our views on this topic.

For more details about their participation and the topics discussed, visit the LinkedIn page of the Commercial Arbitration Center: Commercial Arbitration Center on LinkedIn

We have attached the event program for more information.

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