Arbitration costs – MIAC (Madrid International Arbitration Center)

Las costas – CIAM

Fernando Gragera, Vice President of PLA Litigation Funding, participated on 13 December 2022 in the fourth and last session of the series of sessions on third-party funders in arbitration organised by MIAC (Madrid International Arbitration Center), entitled “Costs“.

At the session, the speakers discussed the main aspects relating to third-party funding that may have an impact on the costs of arbitration. Among other issues, they discussed the regulation of costs in arbitration funding agreements, adverse costs insurance or ATE, the possibility of the winning party being able to recover as costs what was paid to the funder, and the impact of the existence of a third-party funder on security for costs applications.

Alongside Fernando, the session featured presentations by Paloma Castro, senior legal counsel of Deminor, and Cristina Soler, director of Ramco Litigation Funding. Clifford Hendel, a renowned lawyer and arbitrator with extensive experience in international arbitration, acted as moderator.

You can watch the video of the session through the following link.

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