Draft Bill to regulate collective actions

Draft Bill to regulate collective actions - Procurator Litigation Advisors

On Thursday 9 March 2023, our CEO had the honour of participating, as a speaker, in the round table organised by the law firm Garrigues, and its partner Cecilia Rosende Villar, on the Draft Bill to regulate collective actions.

Initially, Professor Julio Banacloche gave a master class on the genesis of the Draft Bill and on the main issues arising from the draft legislation.

There was an opportunity to discuss issues such as the objective competence to solve this type of action, actions for injunctions, actions for compensation and the procedural specialities that would be introduced into our legal system if the new regulation were finally approved.

Subsequently, José María Campos Gorriño showed the vision that enterpreneurs have of collective actions and the risks that the new regulation could cause for the Spanish economy and for those enterpreneurs. Special emphasis was placed on the issue of who is legitimate to bring this type of action before a Court.

Finally, our CEO provided the vision that litigation funds have of the new regulation, drawing attention to the fact that litigation funds will not only be on the side of the consumers in this type of actions, but will also be able to help entrepreneurs to finance the cost of these actions, even offering creative solutions through contracts of a random nature allowed by the Spanish Civil Code.

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