Litigation funds, the art of hitting without getting hit – Iberian Lawyer

Our CEO, Jesús Rodrigo Lavilla, has been interviewed by the prestigious legal magazine Iberian Lawyer about litigation funds and the current state of investing in litigation in Spain and Portugal.

Jesús has highlighted the need to introduce in the economy alternative methods of financing to help entrepreneurs to maximise the full value of their assets, such as litigation funding.

Without prejudice to the fact that this figure allows companies to control cash flows, generate liquidity and, where appropriate, recognise income, the key to litigation finance lies in the distribution of risk in an uncertain, contingent situation with a high binary component, such as litigation or arbitration.

We agree with Jesús that our experience is showing that litigation funding creates a virtuous circle between the claimants, their lawyers and the funder, whose interests are aligned to maximise the outcome of the judicial or arbitration proceedings in the shortest possible time.

You can access the full content of the interview through the following link:

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