PLA, travels to New York to attend the ILFA annual conference

ILFA Annual Conference

New York. 24th  October 2022.

Litigation Funding. PLA, represented by its CEO -Jesús Rodrigo Lavilla- has attended to the annual conference organised by the International Litigation Funding Association -ILFA-, in New York, to discuss the current state of the industry.

Where the industry has come from, what the current trends are and where we are going has been discussed.

The clear conclusion is that the litigation finance industry is growing globally not only in the field of commercial disputes before the ordinary courts but also in arbitration proceedings. In 2021, the industry could only cover 24% of potentially fundable assets in the US market, the UK market and the Australian market.

In the face of the economic difficulties ahead, and those that are unfortunately already here, we will be instrumental in helping entrepreneurs to weather the storm and instrumental in continuing to ensure access to justice in times of crisis.

Since we started our activity in 2019 we have witnessed this growth in Spain year after year.

PLA Litigation Funding encourages Spanish entrepreneurs to innovate in the adverse scenario in which we find ourselves and to put their litigation assets to work. And if you have any doubts about how to do so, please contact us.

PLA Litigation Funding is a leading litigation investment platform in Spain that has reviewed more than EUR 31 billion in litigation assets in 38 different countries since its incorporation.

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