What you need to know to resort to third-party funding in arbitration – MIAC (Madrid International Arbitration Center)

Arbitraje internacional PLA

Jesús Rodrigo Lavilla, CEO of PLA Litigation Funding, participated on 31 March 2022 in the first session of the series of sessions on third-party funders in arbitration organised by MIAC (Madrid International Arbitration Center), entitled “What you need to know to resort to third-party funding in arbitration”.

At the session, the speakers discussed the main aspects of third-party funding in arbitration. Among other topics, they discussed the growing development of the practice of litigation and arbitration funding in recent years, the increasing use of third-party funding by parties in domestic and international arbitrations, and the key issues that any interested party should be aware of if they are considering funding or monetising an arbitration.

Alongside Jesús, the session featured presentations by Charles Demoulin, investment director of Deminor, and Cristina Soler, director of Ramco Litigation Funding. Ignacio Madalena, a lawyer at White & Case LLP with extensive experience in international arbitration, acted as moderator.

You can watch the video of the session through the following link:

Financiadores 1: Lo que necesitas saber para acudir a la financiación de terceros en arbitraje – YouTube

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