XVI International Conference of the Spanish Arbitration Club (CEA)

The XVI International Conference of the Spanish Arbitration Club was held in Madrid on June 20 and 21. This conference is the annual meeting organized by the Spanish Arbitration Club (CEA) and sponsored once again, among other partners, by PLA.

The Congress focused on improving the agility of arbitration decisions. The sessions dealt with current issues such as Ethical Obligations in Arbitration Proceedings, Early Dismissal, Profit Loss, Sealed Offers and Their Impact on the Allocation Costs, or the Accreditation of the Preliminary Phase in the Multi-Tier Clauses, among others.

Our Vice President, Fernando Gragera Contador, attended to the meeting on behalf of our company and he had the opportunity to exchange views on these topics with many of the attendees.

It is a pleasure to be able to collaborate in this type of events and to continue helping to promote arbitration as a method of dispute resolution, as well as to develop arbitration in Spanish and Portuguese or with a Latin American component.

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