Webinar on Litigation Funding Webinar on Litigation Funding organised by Wolters Kluwer and ESADE Law School

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Acquisition and Litigation and arbitration Financing. On April 22nd, our CEO participated in the Seminar organized by Wolters Kluwer Foundation and Esade Law School on Litigation Funding under the title “Litigation Funding, another perspective on litigation”.

The event touched “full capacity”. More than 500 people attended.

The day began with María Díaz Aldao, Senior Manager Legal Compliance & Criminal Law at Repsol, Javier Fernández-Samaniego, General Director of Samaniego Law, Antonio Wesolowski, Partner of Wesolowski Lawyers and Jesús Rodrigo Lavilla, CEO of Procurator Litigation Advisors (PLA),   debated from different perspectives to understand how litigation finance works, how to access this type of funding, and for what type of lawsuits they are useful. The conference was moderated by Eugenia Navarro, professor at Esade Law School, who gave the debate a great deal of dynamism typical of such a new subject by addressing the main issues and questions raised.

The debate began with an explanation of what litigation funding companies are, what their legal nature is, what they are for and how litigation funds are regulated.

The opportunities that litigation financing offers to companies and law firms, the transparency and rigour with which operations are assessed were explained.

The debate openly addressed the most difficult issues, such as the presumed effect on the level of litigation, the overloading of the courts or the ethical debate surrounding this activity.

It was an honour to share the seminar with such high level speakers.

Procurator Litigation Advisors would like to thank the Wolters Kluwer Foundation, Cristina Sancho, its President, Esade Law School and Professor Eugenia Navarro for organizing this “virtual” seminar on this new practice.

We are convinced that litigation funding will help companies and law firms overcome the difficult economic environment we will have to “weather” in the coming months.

Our goal is to contribute to the dynamization of the Spanish economy and, as far as possible, avoid bankruptcy situations for our companies. Let’s go for it.


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We would like to share with you the publication of the economic newspaper Cinco Días publication: Los fondos de financiación de litigios estudian los pleitos por el Covid-19 | Legal | Cinco Días (elpais.com).

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